Using Offers in Content Marketing

Content marketing is fast becoming one of the biggest forms of marketing for a lot of businesses and voucher codes can help to measure its impact. Content comes in all shapes and sizes, but while you may notice an increase in sales or traffic after a piece of content was posted, how can you be sure that it, specifically, was the cause? The answer is voucher codes.


Encourage Customer Engagement

Ideal pieces of content are able to encourage customer engagement and the best form of customer engagement (for businesses) is when they make a purchase. To help encourage purchases from customers who are engaging with your content, try including promo codes. For example, if you sponsored a YouTuber to mention or endorse your business, then you could give them a voucher code to include in the video. If that’s the only place that the code was made available, the number of uses is going to correlate to the number of new customers created by that content.

YouTube videos are just one example, but promotional codes could be included in all kinds of pieces of content. If you write a blog post on the top ten holiday destinations of the summer, include a money saving code to encourage purchases of any holiday products you have. If you’re sending out an email newsletter, include a voucher code as a thank you to customers for subscribing. If you take out an advert on the television or in an magazine, include a discount code in it! These are all good methods for tracking how effective a piece of content has been.

Other Uses for Voucher Codes

When it comes to discount vouchers, they do a lot more than just help to measure whether a piece of content has done a good job or not! If a customer has a coupon code, they’re more likely to make a purchase because they won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to save money! If a code expires after a month, on its last valid day people are likely to buy something which they maybe don’t even want that much, just so that they canĀ  ensure they don’t miss out on a deal.

There are lots of affiliate voucher code websites out there (like My Favourite Voucher Codes) where businesses can list as many discount codes as they like! These are good ways for new customers to find businesses (when browsing the codes by product category) and also provide a nice solid link back to your website. Also, people will feel like they’ve gotten an especially good deal if they find the code outside of your site; they’ll feel like they’ve done more and so will get a better deal.

So that should give you a good idea of the different ways that you can use discount vouchers in marketing and how they can be especially useful for boosting content marketing strategies! Why not get started today and enjoy the benefits of a solid marketing plan?

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