Putting your content to work

Organisations, both public and private, are operating in an era where they are called upon to no longer simply be ICT enabled, but ‘information management compliant’. The emphasis in these times is about being able to handle the proliferation of information born as a result of the increasing number of channels by which individuals and businesses are able to communicate with each other.

“In today’s markets, everybody in every office, at every desk, is using computer tools to complete their daily work.” – Doug Miles

At AIIM, we represent the Information Management community as the global association for both users and suppliers of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. These are the strategies, services and technologies that enable organisations to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver information to support business processes, and are the key to successful performance. By staying in control, organisations are able to maximise efficiency, productivity and business …

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The Best Tax Software For Businesses

With so many different tax software available in the market it can become quite a difficult task to assess which is the best tax software. However, the sole purpose of this article is to clarify each and everything for you that you should know and some shopping tips if you are considering of purchasing tax software.

Essentially there are two different kinds of tax software. First, there is the online–based software, and then there is the offline–based software. You can further categorize tax software by the target market it is intended for filing the income tax returns.

There is that tax software designed especially for use by the tax professionals, and then there is one designed for the self–employed small business owners. Based on the features it offers along with your purpose of use, you can then decide the best tax software for filing your incomes, deductions and the resulting …

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Using Offers in Content Marketing

Content marketing is fast becoming one of the biggest forms of marketing for a lot of businesses and voucher codes can help to measure its impact. Content comes in all shapes and sizes, but while you may notice an increase in sales or traffic after a piece of content was posted, how can you be sure that it, specifically, was the cause? The answer is voucher codes.


Encourage Customer Engagement

Ideal pieces of content are able to encourage customer engagement and the best form of customer engagement (for businesses) is when they make a purchase. To help encourage purchases from customers who are engaging with your content, try including promo codes. For example, if you sponsored a YouTuber to mention or endorse your business, then you could give them a voucher code to include in the video. If that’s the only place that the code was made available, the number …

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The Kiwi Mobile Pokies Craze – Play it on your smartphone

You might have heard a lot about New Zealand pokies and how they are incredibly exciting and fascinating to play, but the right news is that you can also now play mobile pokies, which is a novelty in this industry. As the name suggests, mobile pokies will enable you to play your favorite slot games on your mobile device.

You can enjoy the experience of playing pokies right in the comforts of wherever you are, and there is no need to travel or something for playing these exciting games. So far as the difficulty level of using mobile pokies is concerned, every user can easily play on his or her device without encountering many challenges.

In other words, the process is quite straightforward and easy to understand.

Have a smart phone? Try mobile pokies

Before we go into the other details of mobile pokies, it is worth reiterating here that …

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Show me the money

Leading provider of software and systems, Comverse provides messaging, content and billing solutions to over 450 service providers in more than 125 countries.

Here its CTO EMEA Birger Thorburn tells Shakespeare about how real-time billing solutions can drive customer and business satisfaction.

Thinking about the variety of different communication networks and channels available these days (3G, wireless networks, instant messaging services, VoIP etc.), what are the key requirements that business customers are looking for a network provider to offer?

I think there are several areas where a communications service provider (CSP) can offer differentiated services and deliver value to their customers. A continuous concern for any corporate IT or IS manager is the increased use of open technologies, which at times can be very hard to control. Therefore delivering a range of new communications, whether they be chat, instant messaging, email, push-to-x and so forth, in secure environments will be …

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Top 10 Logo Redesigns


Click the image above to view the full infographic

Following the latest redesign Google made to their logo and branding, the team over at Bulldog Graphic Design who provide graphic design in London; made a fantastic infographic to showcase some of the most famous and well known logo redesigns of all time.

It’s great to draw inspiration to the branding and realise as your company image and branding changes, so can your logo to reflect your company ethos and core values! Leave a comment below on your most favourite redesign!…

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Ultrasound Technician Job Description: Prior Information You Should Know

Alternate Name’s For Ultrasound Technician: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Ultrasonographer, Ultrasound Technologist, Sonographer

Expected Salary: $53,000 – $80,000 + Benefits which vary

Employment Prospects: Good

Ultrasound Technician Training Programs: Numerous

Advancement Career Prospects: Exceptional

Best geographical locations to Practice: NY and Washington DC pay the highest.

The Life of a Sonographer – Insight to Their Everyday Work:-

With medical technology going places, a career in diagnostic medicine is a shot in the arm and job outlooks for ultrasound technicians continue to prosper and shine as never before. So what constitutes his daily work? Why is it one of the fastest emerging offshoots of medicine ever has become increasingly positive in the past few years alone? What can one expect in this branch of diagnostic medicine? What Contributes to its growth? These are some aspects which we will try to answer along with plethora of other ultrasound technician’s job related descriptions.…

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