Putting your content to work

Organisations, both public and private, are operating in an era where they are called upon to no longer simply be ICT enabled, but ‘information management compliant’. The emphasis in these times is about being able to handle the proliferation of information born as a result of the increasing number of channels by which individuals and businesses are able to communicate with each other.

“In today’s markets, everybody in every office, at every desk, is using computer tools to complete their daily work.” – Doug Miles

At AIIM, we represent the Information Management community as the global association for both users and suppliers of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. These are the strategies, services and technologies that enable organisations to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver information to support business processes, and are the key to successful performance. By staying in control, organisations are able to maximise efficiency, productivity and business …

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Using Offers in Content Marketing

Content marketing is fast becoming one of the biggest forms of marketing for a lot of businesses and voucher codes can help to measure its impact. Content comes in all shapes and sizes, but while you may notice an increase in sales or traffic after a piece of content was posted, how can you be sure that it, specifically, was the cause? The answer is voucher codes.


Encourage Customer Engagement

Ideal pieces of content are able to encourage customer engagement and the best form of customer engagement (for businesses) is when they make a purchase. To help encourage purchases from customers who are engaging with your content, try including promo codes. For example, if you sponsored a YouTuber to mention or endorse your business, then you could give them a voucher code to include in the video. If that’s the only place that the code was made available, the number …

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